Samsung Galaxy Note battery EXPLODES!

Posted By Arif at 2013-02-09

Leg On Fire

Whadda ya know, a new news on battery explosion. This time, it is the Samsung Galaxy Note’s battery. According to the report by the Associated Press (AP), the battery is reported to have exploded in the pants pocket of a 55-year old man in South Korea while he was walking around with the Samsung smartphone. It has resulted some second degree burns on his right thigh. Thee victim did file a report over at the Bupyeong Fire Station in Incheon, South Korea.

When Samsung was approached to comment on the situation, a Samsung spokeman said “Lithium ion batteries can catch fire due to external pressure or sudden changes in temperature, so we’re trying to understand what really happened.”

While this is not the first case as we have heard similar news with other smartphones and also from other brands.

We would like to remind you to always be careful and purchase original parts.

Source: AP

Samsung Galaxy Young and Samsung Galaxy Fame launch ahead of MWC 2013

Posted By Arif at 2013-02-06

Samsung Galaxy Fame and Samsung Galaxy YoungDo you want to be famous and young? Introducing the brand new phones from Samsung named Samsung Galaxy Young and Samsung Galaxy Fame. Err, let us warn you these two phones have nothing to do with you being famous and young, really. How can you become famous with an entry-level phone? You don’t even have a shot to get your friends to be jealous at school as some of them are carrying the iPhone and the Galaxy S3 at school. But hey, these two phones are definitely worth checking out.

Both Samsung Galaxy Young and Samsung Galaxy Fame are powered by the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and sufficient 1GHz processor. Besides, it is built with a 4GB internal storage and a 1,300mAh battery capacity.

In terms of display, the Samsung Galaxy Young is built with 3.27″ HVGA TFT screen while the Samsung Galaxy Fame is built with 3.5″ HVGA TFT screen. The Galaxy Fame sports 512MB of RAM while Galaxy Young has 768MB of RAM. Another difference between these two is the camera whereby the Samsung Galaxy Young has a 3-megapixel camera and the Samsung Galaxy Fame is built with 5-megapixel camera. Bluetooth and WiFi are integrated in both phones, while NFC is only built into the Samsung Galaxy Fame.

Well, if you are looking for entry-level smartphone, we will say these are some pretty good phone to begin the journey with. Before the launch of these two, we would always say Sony makes better entry-level smartphone (and Sony Xperia Go is our favourite). However, we might still stand on that if these two phones are priced over RM900.


Source: Samsung

Introducing NEC Medias W with TWO foldable 4.3″ screens

Posted By Arif at 2013-01-24

NTT DoCoMo Medias W

While we have keep looking for the latest tech news from Korea and the US, we sometime forget to check what’s going on in Japan. And the latest phone launch two days ago by NTT DoCoMo, the NEC Medias W has really impressed us.

Forget the flexible screens (for now at least), let us introduce you to the foldable NEC Medias W with two 4.3″ panels. The smartphone features two 4.3″ qHD panels which are connected via a hinge. Thus, it will become a bit thicker than your normal phone, but hey, it can definitely fit easily into your pocket (and definitely better than the Samsung Galaxy Note II). Once you open it, the apps will stretch on both screens, allow you to open different apps on each screen, or open the same app on the same screen.

Apple iPhone to come with 3 NEW VARIANTS?

Posted By Arif at 2013-01-22

iPhone 5S

According to a recent report from the Taiwan-based China Times (through the BrightWire news service), Apple will introduce 3 new variants of the Apple iPhone in 2013. Two models will be out in June and the other will be launched later in the year before Christmas.

The mainstream newspaper has also reported that the ones which will be released this June is the 7th-generation of the iPhone, or the successor of the Apple iPhone 5 – the 5-inch Apple iPhone 5S. Another model to be released at the same time is the 4.8-inch Apple iPhone Math. Both smartphones are said to feature 8MP camera produced by Largan Precision.

Introducing Samsung Galaxy Fonblet 5.8″ phone

Posted By Arif at 2013-01-20

We bet you’ve never heard of Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8, right? Don’t worry as you have not missed anything great yet as the Samsung Galaxy Player is just a 5.8″ display screen media player. D’oh, who needs that when we have our own smartphone.

Well, we believe this soon-to-be-launched Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 II, codenamed the Samsung Galaxy Fonblet 5.8 (GT-I9152) will be something cool and HUGE (yes, the screen itself has already tell how huge it gonna be).

Even though there are not many features have been seen speculated, SamMobile claims (and we believe their source is reliable) that this Samsung Galaxy Fonblet will feature a 5.8″ TFT screen with QHD resolution display and come in Pure White colour. They also expect that this device to run Android 4.1.2/4.2.1 Jelly Bean. Looking at the model number, it indicates that it will have DUAL-SIM support.

And we certainly believe the selling price will be much lower than the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 2. It will be announced for Europe market. Will it arrive our shore? We’re not sure as the previous one (Galaxy Player 5.8) is only available in Korea.


Source: SamMobile

This is rumoured to become Samsung Galaxy S5

Posted By Arif at 2013-01-19

Did you know what is Youm Flexible Display Concept? We’re out of words to explain it, how about you just take a minute and watch the video below. This video is made by Samsung, and we’re certainly sure that this can be realized within the next few generations of Galaxy S series… hopefully the Samsung Galaxy S5.

From the video, we are really thrilled to see that the smartphone can be converted to a small tablet. Yes, this is exactly what should be called a Phablet we believe – a phone and tablet device. Not a confused phone that is as big as a tablet (sorry Galaxy Note owners).  The interface is still TouchWizz and the device is awesomely thin.